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Negroni Cocktail


 Mayree is one of the characters in a tale from Thai folklore called “the Twelve Sisters.” She is a daughter of an orgress, but unlike her mother, MayRee is  beautiful, kind and cheerful. In Thai culture, MayRee symbolizes celebration and social gathering. Thai people refer to Mayree as Mayree Kee-Mao, or Drunken MayRee. She gets this name as a result of being abandoned by her beloved husband whose departure breaks her heart and leads her to drink.  Despite this misfortune in love, MayRee is always cheerful and pleasant to be around. She is always seen in the company of friends with a drink in her hand. The Thai tale believes that MayRee attracts joyfulness and excitement in spite of everything. At our restaurant, MayRee represents a cause for celebration and a fun time among friends through our authentic Thai food and craft cocktails that are named after each of the Twelve Sisters. 

Tell you more about us...

Bringing a taste of southern Thailand to Manhattan! Mayree in the East Village serves up authentice and delicious Thai cuisine. Come and try our signature dishes, made with the freshest ingredients and inspried by the bold flavors of southern Thailand. Visit su today and trat your taste bus to a culinary adventure ! 

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